The Value of Hiring an Interior Designer Bend Oregon

The Value of Hiring an Interior Designer

Are you longing to walk into your own piece of paradise every day? Are you ready to stop the endless quest to get your home just right? Sometimes it can be hard to rationalize paying for a service that many feel they can do themselves, but consider this. You brush your teeth every day, but…

Small Spaces Interior Design Central Oregon

Working With A Small Space

Sometimes even some of the most grand homes have a modest sized living room. Suppose I am working with a retired couple who lives by themselves, but they love to host family dinners during the holidays. Their day to day life does not require a great deal of furniture, it only needs to accommodate the…

Central Oregon Tips with An Interior Designer

5 Tips When Working With an Interior Designer

Letting someone into your home is very personal. There are images of your family and friends, awards of achievement and even perhaps some heirlooms passed down from beloved family members. Your home represents you and what you find important. It’s not unusual for a client to default to an interior designer’s taste by asking them…

Art of Scale Bend Oregon Interior Design

Art Series: The Art Of Scale

Art Series: The Art Of Scale You have probably experienced the dilemma. You are staring at a blank wall and wondering how you should fill it. What size should the display be? Should there be a piece of art or a collection? How high should it be hung? This article will provide you some general…

5 Ways to Create A Cozy Environment

5 Ways to Create A Cozy Environment

As the temperature drops and we are immersed in the holiday hustle, one can hardly help but to imagine sitting next to a crackling fire under a soft blanket, sipping on some hot cocoa. Our homes are our sanctuary; a place to find reprieve. Sometimes people can struggle to find the balance between comfort and…

Bend Oregon Interior Designer Lighting Design Tips

Lighting And Design

Have you come across that article in the magazine with the paint color you just had to put in your living room, only to find it didn’t quite look how you thought it would? Or maybe you purchased a sofa that looked fantastic on the showroom floor, but didn’t hold the same sparkle once it…

Home Design For Your Pet

Designing For Your Pet

It is no secret that people in Central Oregon love their pets. Many people are looking at designing spaces specifically for their pet to enjoy or at least spaces, like entryways, that will be more resistant to the challenges owning a pet can bring. Not all materials however, are pet friendly. What should you consider…

Remodeling Things To Consider Central Oregon

Things You should Consider Before Remodeling

You’ve signed the papers, acquired the keys and the home is finally yours! However, there are some changes needed to make the house a little more “you.” Take the time to consider these topics before you remodel to ensure the best experience. Who is on your team? Having a team will help your remodel move…

Tuscon Residential Interior Designer Central Oregon

Designing Tuscan

When imagining a visit to Italy, two opposing visions may enter your mind. One is likely of the iconic colosseum heavily featured in Hollywood movies and a star of history books. The legendary events and ceremonies that occurred in such a grand venue and other like ruins scattered across the city of Rome and other…